What does "Getting my affairs in order" mean? Learn more:

The whole idea behind putting your affairs in order is to think about "what if something happened to you or your spouse?"

Think about all the important information you have in your memory that others don't, or wouldn't be sure of.

12 critical things your family needs to know. Workbook for getting your affairs in order

Next, think of all the questions loved ones left behind would have about what your wishes are. Would you want to donate your organs? Be cremated? Who should get that special item that's not really valuable, but incredibly special from an emotional standpoint?

Thinking, talking with loved ones and then writing down all those pieces of information and decisions is getting your affairs in order.

We say you should tell your loved ones (in writing):

      WHAT you have,

      WHERE it's located, and

      WHAT your wishes are

It's not rocket science, but if something happens to you, it can really help the people you love.

Check out our free video to learn all the steps about How To Get Your Affairs in Order!"

two choices: get affairs in order today or leave your loved ones a giant mess

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