A Great Marketing Tool or Employee Benefit !

Completely customize covers and pages to add your branding and content

How many pens and calendars does anybody really want?

Try something meaningful that people need and will keep using for many years.

Give a customized version of our books as a benefit to your employees, members, donors or customers.

  • Your organization's logo and color scheme
  • Easy to add your own content - including entire pages or sections - to the book
  • Delete, edit or substitute any pages you'd like
  • Welcome to swap any pages from our comprehensive "It's All Right Here Life & Affairs Organizer" book into your custom version
  • Add coupons, special offers, instructions for your firm's products/services, mail-in donation forms for charities, referral forms, etc.

Try our customized books as a unique and meaningful promotional gift or employee benefit

Inexpensive PRINT format - costs only a few dollars per copy, including mailing and a cover letter

SUPER CHEAP DIGITAL format - with 3,000 or more custom copies, it costs only a PENNIES (e.g. 20,000 employees = thirty cents per)

Customization examples :

  • A company wanted to educate employees and increase participation in their 401(k) retirement plan, so we jointly developed new content that explained the benefits of pre-tax saving and the positive impact of compounding interest over time.
  • An organization wanted to improve the health of its members, so we created the following new sections:
  • - "Quit Tobacco: Live Longer & Healthier"
  • - "Obesity: A Dangerous Health Condition"
  • - "Heart Disease: America's #1 Killer""
  • - "Create Your Simple Action Plan For Healthier Living"
  • - "Evaluate Your Health & Habits: What's Great? What Can Improve?" (click for sample PDF)

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